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About Briar
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Kia Ora, I'm Briar. I was born and bred in New Zealand which is where I am currently living. 


After quitting the corporate life, I went travelling for 8 months and intended on settling in the UK but the virus had other plans. So over lockdown in New Zealand I decided to start giving Human Design readings. Initially, it started as a bit of a hobby but I very quickly fell in love with it and knew I needed to step into Human Design being my business.

Like everyone, I've had my own challenges along the way, but 

I'm a strong believer that just like someones appearance doesn't define them, neither does their past. We all start somewhere! and I am also still on my journey of self-discovery and self-improvement.

Briar Barry Be Your Being


I'm a lover of:


nature & the outdoors,


good food,

growth & expansion,

soul connections & conversations, 

oracle/angel/tarot cards,


singing bowls,

mindfulness, meditations & circles

all those woo woo tings.

I'm someone who is comfortable embracing my beliefs & I'm not afraid of others seeing me swirling my sage around.

I know why I do what I do & I am who I am.


I am here to show you back to yourself (reflector). I am here to cause tension and provoke change (incarnation cross). To experience the world, observe the world and then be a role model within my networks in the world (profile 4/6). For me, my highest expression is the desire to heal and change the world. 

Briar Barry Be Your Being


I am a very passionate person, especially when it comes to humanitarian issues, justice, equality, mental health & environmental issues. I have a Bachelor of Arts with first class honours in Criminology and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. I have 3.5 years experience working in the public sector. I have worked in various settings from retail and restaurants to court and prisons.  I have done quite a lot of travel. I have volunteered with various organisations in New Zealand and abroad, from a surf school in Portugal, to hostels, to a children's English language school in Malaysia. 

I am a level 2 qualified Human Design Specialist (Quantum Alignment System).