Being an adult is hard right, don't you wish there was an instruction manual?
Well what if I told you there kind of is...

Hello lovely

I'm Briar

the face behind

Be Your Being

Every single individual has patterns, behaviours and limiting beliefs that hold them back. Be Your Being, is here to help you in your journey of self discovery so that you can live out your highest potential.


We all have our own unique blueprint within us, which can be accessed via our Human Design Bodygraph chart. Human Design offers a beautiful and highly accurate way for you to be able to gain self-awareness an innerstanding.


Are you aware that around 80-90% of our beliefs are formed by the time we are 8 years old. It's pretty shocking isn't it? I mean, at this age we are completely relying on information from the people around us. It's no wonder that we all accumulate beliefs that don't serve us and that these beliefs get in the way of us being our fully expressed selves. 

That's where Human Design comes in. If you choose to embrace it, Human Design really will change your life.



So what is it? Human Design is a powerful self-awareness and empowerment tool. It will show you how to live authentically and in alignment so that you can truly be who you are meant to be. It's about changing patterns, beliefs and behaviours that are not for your highest good. It's about coming back to center and finding the path of less resistance. It's about truly seeing yourself and the gifts you are here to offer the world. The truth is that you have already everything you need inside you, but through conditioning you may not be able to see it or you may be conditioned to believe you need things outside of yourself, like external validation. Your Human Design chart can help you understand your unique traits and gifts and how your energy may be different to others.

 Human Design is a synthesis of:

* Eastern & Western Astrology

* the Hindu Chakra system

* the Chinese I'Ching

* Quantum Physics 

* & the Kabbalah

Human Design (HD) has been explained via the neutrino stream (physics and quantum physics). Neutrinos are subautomic particles, produced by the stars, that have been proven to be able to interact and pass on information with physical objects that they pass through. So think of it like this, at the time of our birth (and also before), planetary information travels down through the neutrino stream and is imprinted into each and every one of us. This embedded information determines your HD design. It highlights crucial information about your nature, your energy, how you interact with others, your learning style, your potential, the lessons you are here to learn and master, your life purpose and so much more.

Are you ready to fully accept, embrace & strengthen your connection with yourself?

As soon as I (Briar) heard about Human Design, I instantly became consumed by it. I had never came across something that encapsulated my entire being like this did. It gave me permission to accept, approve and embrace who I am. It has been a powerful self-awareness tool, that has helped me build connection, growth & happiness within myself. It has made me truly understand alignment an embodiment.

I absolutely love that Human Design is the reminder of the fork in the road; you get to choose whether you want to live out the low expression or the high expression of your design. 

Mestia huke.jpeg
Louise - Horticulturalist

Human Design gives us information about ourselves that we cant access anywhere else.  I've just had my first hD reading with Briar and as complex as each individual reading is, Briar is able to articulate it so clearly with PowerPoint and gives easy to understand examples of situations. I got so much our of my reading and highly recommend getting ones, its helped me step into my highest potential in every area of my life. You can go as deep or basic as you like.

Wowwwww. I've just had the most in depth amazing human design session with Be Your Being. It was so confomational explaining my own energy centers, where my alignment and flow can be found and heaps of traits and characteristics. My partner and daughter were included.  Lots of great insight to make sure we can all align as a family, within ourselves and also running our businesses. Would totally recommend alongside any work you're doing on yourself for a much deeper understanding of your make up genetically and Briar has the most peaceful beautiful energy about her.

Alyese - Massage Therapist

I just had the most amazing human design reading with Briar. it helped me understand so much about myself and she added my daughter in too, which was awesome to see what type she was. It will help me connect and understand her more as she grows up. If anyone is interested in learning more about human design go check her out. Its' a blend of science and spirituality. So amazing, thank you Briar 

"Knowing yourself IS loving yourself"

Ra Uru Hu (Human Design Founder)